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Here at Bloomberg, we don’t just punch a clock. Our Apprenticeship Programme is designed to assist you in locating yours.

Does the idea of working in the financial sector pique your interest? Are you interested in discovering how today’s global markets are kept afloat by data and technology? Will you be a part of our future if you don’t want to assist simplify a world gone mad?

If you already have an undergraduate degree or will have one by 2022, you can use this programme to get a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Bloomberg is an innovative organisation, and the Apprenticeship Programme is an excellent way to get insight into both yourself and our company. You can rely on Bloomberg’s assistance at every turn. You will be assigned a buddy and a mentor to help you settle in and get the most out of your Bloomberg experience. Having your progress monitored on a regular basis will guarantee your happiness and success in realising your full potential.

Explain the Apprenticeship Scheme to me.

Bloomberg’s Apprenticeship Program provides a great opportunity to launch or redirect a successful professional career. You will be an integral and highly valued member of our team while also gaining a valuable education in Artificial Intelligence at no cost to you (with the option to pursue a master’s degree on top of that). We want you to work closely with data domain experts and learn the various technological tools and coding in the data management field to assist our customers with their data-related questions.

With this option, you can bypass the traditional academic route into a global organisation. You’ll get to pick the brains of our pros while also gaining valuable experience in a setting that encourages creativity and teamwork. In this course, you’ll learn how to code in order to support the development of novel solutions for the Bloomberg Terminal and the rest of our offerings. To improve our clients’ ability to optimise complex procedures, efficiently manipulate massive datasets, and make rapid, intuitive decisions, you will build solutions with a high impact. Our top priority is satisfying our clients’ needs and providing them with a memorable experience.

Incorporating Financial Engineering and Risk Product Teams

Professionals in the derivatives industry need reliable valuations in order to make informed risk assessments and strategic decisions. To facilitate the entire derivatives procedure, regardless of asset class, we offer a unified service. In order to help you trade with confidence and stay ahead of the markets, we only use high-quality data in our models.
You will be joining a specialised division of Bloomberg that provides premium structuring, valuation, and risk services to our clients using a variety of cross-asset, flexible, and customizable tools and models that exhibit value transparency.

You’ll be a part of the Financial Engineering or Risk Product team in this position.
When you join the Financial Engineering team, you can work toward an artificial intelligence certification while delving into the nuances of Machine Learning. Tasks will include developing efficient strategies for pricing sophisticated goods and services and improving techniques for cleaning derivatives data.

This position in our Risk Product team will pave the way for you to earn an AI credential in the field of data science. Every day, you’ll be putting your Big Data for Credit Risk and Climate Risk expertise to use on various projects. Methods for maximising the usefulness of the massive credit-related datasets at our disposal will be developed, as will cutting-edge tools for identifying sources of noise in the information we use to tune our credit models, and new approaches for generating the highest-quality data will be suggested.

Acceptability Conditions

Start as early as September 2022

Possess a Bachelor’s degree in a technical field (e.g., Mathematics, Physics, or Computer Science) and be adept at coding (Python)
Apprentices cannot have previously earned a credential equivalent to or higher than the level of this apprenticeship in the same or a related field.
Candidates must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom and have been permanent residents of the country for the prior three years.

We’re going to rely on you to have:

Able to code effectively in Python or C# and with a good understanding of Excel (VLOOKUPs, pivot tables, and formulas).
Evidence of a genuine curiosity for technology (a knack for or experience with financial maths or statistics is a plus)
Susceptibility to Change and the Capacity to Bounce Back
Effective skills in dealing with customers
Capable of effectively conveying ideas in both spoken and writing forms
Excellent focus on detail
Abilities in problem solving and the ability to generate new ideas
able to juggle several responsibilities in a fast-paced setting
Techniques of the Interview

First, fill out an application online. Send in your most recent resume/CV and/or UCAS personal statement in addition to the online application form. Prove your suitability by providing the required documentation.

In the second round, called the telephone interview, qualified candidates will be contacted by a recruiter from Bloomberg to arrange a 20-minute phone interview. Prove your drive to us.

Phase Three: The Day of the On-Site Evaluation: Take part in some engaging activities that will highlight your skills and experience. Prove your abilities to us.
Fourth, you will have a final interview with our managers to discuss your goals and future with the company. Prove to us that you are the most qualified apprentice candidate.

As a corporation, we encourage and support a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. We do not have any prejudices towards any person because of their race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.