2 Best Free Data Recovery Apps for Mac OS X in 2023

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Below is a description of the top free data recovery software for Mac that can be found online. The features of these five apps differ. However, they all have one feature in common: they are all free. As a result, casual users might benefit from them.

1. Mac disc drill

The free data recovery program for Mac OS X is called Disk Drill. One of the greatest Mac data recovery software programs available, Disk Drill Basic has various other features in addition to evaluating recovered information, including Guaranteed Recovery, Recovery Vault, lost partition restoration, boot disc creator, and more.

Disk Drill is compatible with a wide range of devices that may be linked to a Mac, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and many more.

The most recent version employs extremely effective and quick scanning algorithms and contains a large library of file signatures that can be recovered from discs even after formatting. Disk Drill addresses instances of data damage brought on by power outages or the removal of a device without first unmounting it. It is continuously updated and maintained by its ever-expanding crew.

Features that are Free:

  • Recovery Vault is a cutting-edge addition to the Trash Bin that preserves a record of deleted data.
  • A copy of every file is saved to a user-specified folder as part of the Guaranteed Recovery background function. Both data security modules significantly lower the likelihood of crucial data being lost for good.
  • Users of the Data Backup function have the option of recovering lost data from a byte-for-byte clone of the device or partition without endangering the original storage source.
  • Additional utilities including the free Mac Cleaner, Emergency Recovery Boot Drive, Time Machine Recovery, Duplicate File Finder, and Disk Health Monitor are also available.


The program allows users to preview any file format that macOS supports.
The software can scan system discs with M1 or T2 protection and works on M1 devices.
While a scan is running, files may be filtered, browsed, and previewed.
The raw picture scanner can find and handle a sizable variety of RAW file types.


Support via phone is not available.
The program only offers a meager amount of RAID array functionality.


Disk Drill balances necessary and advanced features for professional, business, and casual users alike well, making the upgrade cost worthwhile.

2. Mac PhotoRec

The fact that PhotoRec is open source gives it a benefit even though it is not the most effective free Mac data recovery application. In essence, this means that the public has access to both the source code and the application.

OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, and Windows are all compatible with PhotoRec. The most popular file types, including JPEG images, MP3 music files, OpenDocument and Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, and ZIP archives, may all be recovered. Files may be retrieved from a variety of storage media, including hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards from digital cameras.

Free Features:

  • This Mac program for file recovery is free and makes use of potent file-cutting technology. There are two phases in this process. It starts by looking for the size of the data block or cluster.
  • This number is derived from the superblock (ext2/ext3/ext4) or volume boot record if the file system is not damaged (FAT, NTFS). If this is not feasible, the program scans every sector of the device and determines the block or cluster size using the first 10 files it finds.
  • The program then gathers and recovers the accessible files by reading the device block by block and cluster by cluster while comparing each file signature to those stored in the database. It’s not apparent how many of those file signatures the app is aware of.


The utility is shareware and comes at no cost to the user.
A wide range of storage devices, file kinds, and file formats are supported.


Data recovery requires users to navigate a challenging command-line interface.
To use the tool, some familiarity with the underlying disc system is necessary.
The program hasn’t had an update in a while.
Review of PhotoRec for Mac by Pandora Recovery: “If you don’t mind command-line software apps as long as they operate properly, then you should give PhotoRec a try.”


PhotoRec is a wonderful tool to use if you need to recover some personal files without turning to a specialist program.