Aera Technology Appoints Pascal Bornet as Chief Data Officer

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PRNewswire /PRNewswire/ – MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 9, 2021 — Pascal Bornet has been named Chief Data Officer at Aera Technology, a business specialising in cognitive automation. With over 20 years of experience, he is a leading expert in the fields of enterprise automation and AI (AI). Bornet’s contributions will aid Aera’s worldwide clientele in getting the most out of the cloud-based Cognitive Operating SystemTM.

“We’re overjoyed to have Pascal on board. In order to increase their business agility, multinational corporations can use Aera’s Cognitive Operating System to take advantage of AI and automation “said Aera Technology CEO Frederic Laluyaux. In Aera’s words, “Pascal’s experience and thought leadership on the topic meshes perfectly with Aera’s vision of a more sustainable and efficient world enabled by Cognitive Automation.”

When it comes to intelligent and cognitive automation, Bornet is among the world’s best. He has been assisting businesses with their transitions to digital, automation, and AI for over 20 years now. Before joining Aera, he spearheaded the transformation of global companies across industries as the founder and leader of the AI and Automation practises at McKinsey & Company and EY. Bornet is also the primary author of the groundbreaking book “Intelligent Automation: Harnessing AI to Boost Business and Make Our World More Human,” which is largely regarded as the first reference on Intelligent Automation.

“Aera Technology is built on innovation aimed to help global organisations enhance and automate business-critical choices,” explained Shariq Mansoor, Aera Technology’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. We expect to significantly increase Aera’s value now that we have Pascal on board as our Chief Data Officer.

Pascal Bornet remarked, “I am thrilled to be joining the Aera Technology team.” “If you want to automate even the most difficult business use cases, I think you need a combination of artificial intelligence and automation technology. Aera’s position in the market is like a hub between several different industries, which is aptly described by this intersection of domains. In order to maximise profits, businesses must optimise their use of data, AI, and robotic process automation.”

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