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When you have the best data recovery software, finding and retrieving lost data from your computer, mobile device, or storage media is a breeze.

Data loss, whether caused by hardware or software failure, unintentional deletion, or cybercrime, is a traumatic event for everyone who has been through it.

So much of a company’s critical data is now stored on hard drives or in the cloud for redundancy (opens in new tab). It’s possible that you save your files on an external hard drive or USB flash drive on a regular basis.

A hard drive crash or corrupted drive necessitates the use of specialised data recovery tools, but there are many data backup software(opens in new tab) and disc cloning software(opens in new tab) choices that can make the process of data recovery relatively simple and easy to do.

It pays, then, to have a solid data security plan for your firm. The inclusion of data recovery tools or professional data recovery services is crucial.

Several reliable data recovery packages are now accessible to commercial enterprises. You can recover as much information as possible and mitigate any damage caused by data loss with the help of the right software. To be safe, you should have a data recovery strategy in place even if you employ a data backup service(opens in new tab).

As a result, we’re going to compile a list of the top free and commercial data recovery programmes out there right now.

Stellar Data Recovery is a top choice among companies in need of data recovery services. In case of data loss, you can select from a variety of scan options built within the platform. If you accidentally delete a crucial file and immediately discover your mistake, you won’t have to waste time running a full system scan to try and recover it.

The platform’s sophisticated search tools also make it simple to find and retrieve the data that is most relevant to a given situation.

Stellar Data Recovery also has universal compatibility for all file types and storage media. This provider is versatile, as it can retrieve information from a wide variety of storage devices, including hard discs (both internal and external), memory cards, flash drives, and optical media like CDs and DVDs.

Stellar’s advanced features, though, don’t come without a price. Although it’s not the most expensive option, the platform is still not cheap.

EaseUS isn’t overstating the ‘Wizard’ part of this software’s moniker — it actually is ‘wizard’ in the sense of being good at something. Simple to operate, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard guides you through the recovery procedure with clear, easy-to-follow prompts. If you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro soon after a disaster occurs, it will be able to restore nearly all of your data, even lost partitions and information corrupted by viruses.

Even though some programmes only offer this feature in their more expensive premium editions, this complete package remains one of the more cost-effective methods we’ve found for reviving failed RAID arrays. Although there are more sophisticated and cheaper recovery solutions available, we recommend keeping this one on hand for everyday use.

There are a number of payment plans available, including monthly, annual, and even a lifetime licence that includes all future upgrades at no extra cost. However, with the discount code AFF-TECH-RAD, you can save 25% off all these already low prices.

Upgrading to a premium licence is a little pricey, but the large amount of features you gain for that investment means that in actuality, it represents outstanding value for money. You have a winner on your hands with the app’s high performance, EaseUS’s helpful customer service, and the app’s well-organized UI.

Disk Drill, a favourite among Mac users for data recovery, is also accessible for Windows.

Disk Drill is a versatile data recovery programme that supports a wide variety of storage media, including hard drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, SD/CF cards, digital cameras, and even cellphones. The website for Disk Drill states confidently that it can recover any lost data file type from virtually any data loss event.

Disk Drill’s entire set of functionality for every potential platform and circumstance is amazing enough. Disk Drill is a recovery tool worth considering because it can easily mount and read a previously unmountable USB flash drive and recover the data from it in a relatively short duration.

Although the PRO version’s price may be prohibitive for some home users, Disk Drill is still a highly recommended Windows data recovery solution.

When it comes to backup solutions, CrashPlan used to be everyone’s favourite free home user option, but now they’re focusing on the business market with their CrashPlan for Small Business product.

In fact, all of the official TechRadar PCs use CrashPlan, and it has literally saved our bacon on more than one occasion. It’s not quite like the usual file recovery apps we’ve examined in this article because it’s primarily a backup service, but its features are so extensive that it almost does.

You see, Crashplan archives everything. It quietly works in the background to back up all of your files, starting with the most recent ones. The system then sorts the data into logical folders for easy access to the information you care about the most.

However, Crashplan saves files even after they’ve been removed. You can disable this function if you’d like, but we recommend leaving it on because your backups are encrypted and you never know when you might need to restore a file that was accidentally deleted or was erased by a virus.

Depending on the specifics of your data loss situation, you can choose from a variety of Ontrack EasyRecovery editions, each of which is designed to maximise your chances of a full recovery.

The free version only lets you recover up to 1 GB, so most users won’t find it useful unless they need to try it out first. Files and folders that have been deleted by accident or by a virus can be recovered using the Home edition.

The Professional edition allows you to generate disc images as well as recover data from CDs and DVDs, while the Premium edition doesn’t just have the ability to clone HDDs and SSDs, but can also restore corrupted photographs or movies.

The Technician and Toolkit editions are not only more robust, but also available with commercial licencing for business use, being compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Even if some of the more advanced tiers aren’t cheap, we can say from experience that the expense can be worth it for successful full data recovery. Prices increase proportionally with the extent of data recovery necessary.

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