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Restoration Programs Bundle 2021 — All the tools you need to get your deleted files back are included in this collection. It is possible to restore any type of file or archive with these tools.

RS Data Recovery is a combination of two separate data recovery programmes. If you’ve lost everything on a memory card full of photos or your hard drive because you unintentionally formatted or partitioned it, RS Data Recovery will help. It is possible to restore data that had previously been impossible to restore with conventional data recovery software.

Excel XLS/XLSX, OpenOffice ODS, and other spreadsheet formats can all be recovered with the help of RS Excel Recovery. By leveraging the same data recovery engine as the company’s premier partition recovery tool, RS Excel Recovery is able to successfully extract spreadsheets from severely damaged, corrupt, and inaccessible media formatted with any version of FAT or NTFS, or carrying no file system at al

USB flash drives and memory cards that are used in digital cameras, portable audio players, e-book readers, cellphones, and navigation devices typically employ the File Allocation Table (FAT) or File Allocation Table (FAT32) file systems. Information can be retrieved from devices that are healthy, damaged, formatted, or inaccessible so long as they are (or were) formatted with FAT or FAT32 using RS FAT Recovery, which is designed to support all versions and variations of the FAT file system.

RS File Recovery is a cutting-edge programme that scans your storage media for lost data and then uses advanced algorithms to find and restore it. This file recovery tool can be used to undelete a single file or an entire folder, as well as retrieve data from damaged or formatted discs or memory cards. The fast pre-recovery preview and straightforward, step-by-step guide make RS File Recovery a breeze to use.

If there are any irregularities in your files, RS File Repair will repair them. There is support for several different image formats. When it comes to repairing damaged photographs, RS File Repair’s lossless recovery is your best bet. The primary image, any embedded previews, and the EXIF data can all be repaired with RS File Repair.

Recovering recently deleted files is as easy as a few clicks with RS NTFS Recovery’s undelete function. Nonetheless, this data recovery program’s primary objective is to assist users in recreating the original file and folder structure of corrupted, formatted, or inaccessible NTFS volumes. If you have accidentally formatted or partitioned a drive, RS NTFS Recovery will help you get your data back and safely store it elsewhere.

RS Office Recovery is built to tackle the most severe forms of data loss. In the most dire of circumstances, RS Office Recovery may help you retrieve lost or deleted Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and other document types. RS Office Recovery can restore files from healthy, damaged, formatted, repartitioned, and unreliable storage media, even if Windows is unable to read the disc or open the device.

If you have accidentally formatted or partitioned your hard disc, you may get all of your data back with the help of RS Partition Recovery. Powerful algorithms paired with a highly intuitive and completely guided user interface make full data recovery possible for even inexperienced users.

When you need an efficient method for restoring damaged photos, turn to RS Photo Recovery. This image retrieval programme has robust undelete and recovery algorithms, allowing it to successfully retrieve photos from media that has been formatted, corrupted, or rendered unreadable. It can even restore data from discs that have been partitioned or have had partitions removed. RS

File restoration software from RS Data Recovery. There are two data recovery tools included in RS Data Recovery: RS File Recovery and RS Photo Recovery.

RS Browser Forensics is a piece of software that may be used to retrieve and view saved passwords, bookmarks, and social network activity across several browsers.

Word Recovery can be used to retrieve lost Word DOC/DOCX, PDF, and ODT files. The utility utilises a powerful data recovery engine to deal with unreadable discs, flash media, and hard drives that have been formatted or repartitioned. In order to find any surviving files, a sophisticated content-aware recovery engine will scour the device’s complete data set.

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