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Drill Disk Recovery

Disk Drill comes in three different editions, all of which are compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.

Standard: a no-cost version that can scan your device and list the recoverable files. You may restore password-protected files, make duplicates of damaged discs, and practise data recovery using this. 500 MB is all that can be retrieved, though.

A personal licence for Pro (about $89) is available. Any one user can have Disk Drill Pro installed on up to three different machines. The software may perform a rapid scan, a deep scan, or a search for partitions, and it can recover data from any storage medium and any file system. You can join our lifetime update programme for an additional $29.

The Enterprise version of Disk Drill costs $399 and includes everything found in the Pro edition, plus the ability to install it on an infinite number of computers and grant access to an unlimited number of users. A commercial data recovery suite with optional free updates for life.

There are a few differences between the Mac and Windows versions of Disk Drill. The most glaring difference is that the free Windows version allows you to recover 500 Mb of data, whereas the Mac version requires upgrading to the Pro edition in order to recover anything.

Permanent discounts are available for Disk Drill’s customers in the form of a 20% price cut for educational, commercial, and government institutions; a 50% price cut for competitive upgrades (when switching to Disk Drill from a tool from another software developer); and a 50% price cut for the Mac version if a Windows version is already in place.

Fundamental characteristics

Disk Drill allows you to recover partitions, save recovery results to a mounted drive, encrypt sensitive data and files, and pause and resume scanning at any time. In the event of severe data loss, Disk Drill provides the option of either a rapid scan or a thorough scan.

Freely available extras in the Mac OS X version of Disk Drill include:

  • The disk’s health should be checked regularly.
  • Mac Cleanup inspects the hard drive for unused data, allowing the user to delete any unnecessary files.
  • This programme, called Duplicate Finder, can scan your hard drive and locate and delete any and all duplicate data.
  • Rigid Arm and Disk Drill
  • Effectiveness and simplicity of use
  • Disk Drill’s setup process is simple, and the user interface is straightforward.

We used the Windows version of Disk Drill Pro to try and retrieve various file formats (photos, documents, videos and audio files). A variety of use cases were considered, including data retrieval following deletion or disc formatting.

Keep in mind that even a 1% variation in test results can indicate a substantial change in the number of recoverable files (or not). For reference, 10 GB of data (hundreds of photographs or thousands of papers) would occupy 1% of an external 1 TB hard disc.

Disk Drill has a high success rate for retrieving lost photographs, whether they have been accidentally deleted or the disc has been formatted. Disk Drill’s document recovery was excellent, with a success rate of 90%. This was 4% higher than the industry standard. In spite of this, it was only able to recover 80% of the files that had been lost due to disc formatting, which is 4% lower than the average performance rate.

There are other tools in our review that you might use if you need to recover a large number of documents. Some of these treatments claim success rates of 95% or higher, but the reality is that each individual’s chances of success are highly contingent on their own set of unique circumstances.

Recovering media from a Disk Drill was also evaluated. Our studies showed that on average, it recovered 53 percent of all test media files. Moreover, when using newly formatted discs, the percentage jumped to 70%.

  • Rigid Arm and Disk Drill
  • Helpdesk

Users of Disk Drill have the option of contacting tech support by email, phone, or live chat for assistance. You may find a knowledge base, information about new versions of the programme, frequently asked questions, frequently updated blog pieces, and a discussion forum on Disk Drill’s Help Center page.

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