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How to Retrieve data from hard drive

You won’t be able to access it if your computer’s operating system cannot load or boot the system. In addition, you are prohibited from accessing your computer and the hard disc inside if there is no operating system at all. You’ll learn how to recover data from your computer without an operating system in this post.

Disclaimer: Before implementing any of the information offered here, always create a backup copy of your files. Before moving forward on your own, get experienced guidance if you are unsure or if information backup is not feasible.

Using the Power Data Recovery Boot Disk, recover

You must make another bootable disc in order to start the installed OS because it won’t be able to load on your system. By launching the Windows Preinstallation Environment, you will be able to recover data from a hard drive without an operating system. MiniTool Power Data Recovery’s bootable edition can help you accomplish the same thing.

1. Get a blank USB drive and attach it to the computer after downloading and installing MiniTool power data recovery bootable on a functional computer.

2. Restart the computer, then press F2 or another key (depending on the model) to access the BIOS menu. To make your computer boot from this recovery CD/DVD or USB flash drive, modify the boot settings.

3. Select “MiniTool Power Data Recovery” from the popup that appears.

4. On the left side of the software screen, click “Hard Disk Drive.” Then, double-click on the hard drive on the software interface’s right side to search for files there. Then, in order to recover the files, you must browse and select the files you require from the scan’s results before clicking the “Save” button.

Please be aware that you must transfer those data to an external disc (hard drive or flash drive) at this point, and you must continue to use that disc as long as files are being recovered in full.

5. Once you see the interface with the scan results, go through the files that were discovered and check the boxes next to the ones you require. Then select a different drive as the storage location by clicking the “Save” button.

Using the system repair feature, recover

Because of how clever the Windows system repair mechanism is, user participation is frequently unnecessary. For instance, you can utilize system repair in the advanced starting settings to fix minor issues brought on the unauthorized shutdown.

When you restart the system after an unauthorized shutdown, you’ll see a “Windows Error Recovery” screen with the default position of the cursor set to “Start Windows Normally.” You’ll notice that the countdown has begun at the same time. You can now start the operating system on the system, which proves that the issue has been automatically fixed.

Even if you have a tonne of priceless data saved here, you need to realize that a system crash or malfunctioning machine is not the end of the world. Examine your circumstances and select the best technique to recover data from your hard disc without an operating system.

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