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This article provides feedback on the data recovery software Prosoft Data Rescue.

Over the course of several decades, I have provided IT training and support in my capacity as an IT guy. I have also reviewed and produced tutorials for a variety of data recovery programmes aimed at corporate users. In this review, I’ll analyse Prosoft Data Rescue in detail and tell you whether or not you can rely on it to restore important files.

Prosoft Data Rescue was quick and simple to use for me. The tool worked well for me while dealing with basic data recovery issues, but I would recommend looking elsewhere for more complex situations.

This review of Prosoft Data Rescue will delve into the file formats the programme is able to repair, the estimated time required to do so, and an assessment of your chances of success. I’ll detail the other features available and say if they’re aimed for novices or experts.

All right, let’s get this party started.

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  • Review of Prosoft Data Recovery

When you format a drive by mistake, or lose or destroy crucial files, you can use Prosoft Data Rescue to get them back. It can copy data from a healthy drive to a failing one. The data is saved by it.

Data Rescue is available in three different versions from Prosoft:

  • Saving the Data (Mac)
  • The Retrieval of Data (Windows)
  • Expert in Recovering Lost Data

The licence for the Professional edition is tailored more toward IT specialists than regular users. This subscription service costs $399.96 per year and allows for unlimited system activations and data recovery.

Our concentration in this evaluation is on the regular releases for Mac and Windows. There is no cost to use this software and use it to search for your missing data. Depending on how many data you need recovered, the price might be as little as $19. There is a lack of clear pricing information on the official website.

It is a good idea to use Prosoft Data Rescue. It has an intuitive layout, and its instructions are straightforward. It successfully restored the data I had lost, and you only pay for recovered data, which sounds affordable. However, it’s not the finest solution for advanced users and complex recovery circumstances.

Recovery Features

How can we get the data back? Prosoft Data Rescue is able to undelete files because they are only labelled as deleted, not physically gone from the folder or drive. However, there is no assurance of success. Over time, newer files will likely replace the old ones in the directory and the data they contain.

Offered data recovery techniques:

In order to restore the original filenames, all you need to do is perform a quick search of the directory structure for files that have been deleted. It’s the first option since it’s the quickest.
A thorough search of the whole disc for missing or corrupted files and file remnants that are no longer visible in the file system’s directory. The time involved is substantially greater, and the file names will not be retrieved.

Disks built into Mac and PC computers, as well as external drives, solid-state drives, SD cards, CF cards, Thunderbolt drives, FireWire drives, and RAID arrays, are all supported.

It’s important to note that solid-state discs make data recovery more challenging (SSDs). TRIM technology, which improves their efficiency, also eliminates any possibility of data recovery after the trash has been removed.

Prosoft does not provide a comprehensive list of file formats supported, however it does state that newer versions are compatible with Apple’s APFS file format. File formats commonly used by Macs and PCs appear to be fully supported.

However, the app’s Preferences page includes apps, archives, audio, documents, pictures, mail, misc, movies, and text as supported file formats, but Prosoft provides no such list.

Features Beyond That

  • Many other options are available with Prosoft Data Rescue.
  • Putting scans away for later retrieval
  • Reducing the large number of results by searching and sorting the found files
  • Files can be seen before recovery to ensure that they are the ones you need.
  • A disc that can boot your computer and search its hard drive for lost data

It is possible to make a copy of a hard disc before it fails, allowing you to continue retrieving data even if the original drive fails.

It does, however, fall short of competing recovery software in a few key respects:

Break and continue

  • Deleted files can be recovered from a secure vault at any time.
  • The process of replacing a file (secure delete)


  • Various forms of clutter elimination and housekeeping have been implemented.
  • Because to the threat posed by Covid-19, Prosoft is temporarily suspending their mail-in hard drive recovery service.
  • Prosoft’s Drive Genius, their alternative tool, does provide SMART monitoring for early warning of failing hard drives.
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Prosoft Data Rescue can be quickly installed, configured, and utilised. Detailed explanations of how to use each function are provided step by step. It has two distinct user interfaces: one optimised for novices and the other for experts.


It takes a lot of time to search for missing files.

Is Prosoft Data Rescue quick? The programme predicts that a superficial scan will take only a few minutes, while a thorough one will take three minutes per gigabyte.

To verify this, I moved 10 files to an empty folder on a 4 GB USB drive and then deleted the drive. The Mac version’s five-minute scan time was also far less than the three-minute estimate per GB of data. It took 6 minutes and 19 seconds on Windows.

Although there are speedier apps available, those times are already quite rapid. The quickest scan time on a Mac was four minutes, while the longest was ten. There were times of 3:58 and 47:25 on Windows.

The data recovery apps were tested by DigiLab Inc, which compared five Windows data recovery programmes. Data Rescue’s scan times for several tests are listed below [2].

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