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Photos, movies, and documents lost due to a non-booting, corrupted, or crashed hard drive can be salvaged with the help of Data Rescue for PC. It seems that you have accidentally reinstalled your operating system or formatted your hard disc. the files that have been lost, corrupted, or deleted in the past. Data Rescue is a programme that can be used to retrieve lost files and data from a hard drive. Performs well even when other treatment programmes have failed.

Data Rescue for Windows has some impressive new features, one of which is called BootWell. All of the data on your computer will be found on the primary hard drive (or “Main HD” or “Boot Drive,” depending on your operating system). Recovering data from a damaged hard drive is a laborious and time-consuming process. BootWell is a brand new function that makes primary hard drive recovery quick, simple, and painless.

Particulars and Emphasis

Rapid-fire Examining

Even if your hard drive won’t mount, the Quick Scan will quickly identify any preexisting directory structures. Files in their original directory structures and with their original names will be found by this scan. If your volume has been discovered on the hard drive, you should perform this scan first. It is necessary to scan an entire volume in order to perform Quick Scan. If you specify a hard disc for scanning, Quick Scan will look for the first available volume on that drive and attempt to rebuild its directory structure if it finds one.

Search for Lost Data

The unused space on a drive is mined by Deleted Files Scan for the presence of files matching specific patterns. The Deleted Files Scan is able to accurately identify any deleted files because it scans just the open space. As soon as a file is removed from the operating system, all traces of its previous existence, including its directory, filename, and creation/modification dates, are erased. Since it cannot read the directory tree, it cannot determine whether or not the file has been modified. As an alternative, Data Rescue® will recreate any files it finds based on their unique file patterns. Files recovered from the Deleted Files Scan will have placeholder names and be sorted into appropriate folders.

Thorough Search

When it comes to data recovery, the Deep Scan is your best bet for getting the most out of your scan. Part one of the Deep Scan consists of: 1. Finds existing file folders on the disc. 2. In order to recover the original contents of any recognised files, it is necessary to search the entire hard drive for matching file patterns.


The cloning feature of the software makes an exact clone of one disc or volume onto another, so that the second disc or volume can be scanned instead of the first, extending the life of the original and preventing unnecessary wear and tear. This will remove the drive from service while keeping the data intact for possible future usage. This software can scan and restore lost data without the need to clone the device. The purpose is to make an exact replica of the source data at the target location, if at all possible. A perfect 100% copy is not always achievable when copying from a source with disc faults because of the massive decrease in reading rate induced by errors. In these instances, the focus shifts to transferring as much of the source data as possible to the destination within a specific time period.


It offers full compatibility with RAID arrays. Your RAID can be scanned and cloned like any other drive as long as it is included in the source list. It can generate a virtual RAID to mimic the hardware RAID if the RAID has gotten misconfigured or if each member of the RAID appears as a separate drive.


With BootWell, you may make a secondary startup drive that mimics your primary one and use it to access and restore lost data from it. You can bypass the extra steps of making your own bootable copy of DataRescue by using BootWell, which lets you unmount your internal hard drive and enter a booted environment so you can recover files from your main startup hard disc.

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