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Retrieve Files From Hard Drive

Here at Fields, we often retrieve data that was erased inadvertently. However, most of the time, we only need a single file back, not the entire hard disc. Even if you’ve accidentally deleted everything on your hard disc, there’s still a chance you can get everything back.

The reasons why a deleted file can still be retrieved from a hard disc

Unfortunately, data deletion from a hard drive does not permanently remove it. The actual text, MP3 file, etc. still exists, but the locations of the bytes that make it up have been deleted. Its storage location, however, has been flagged as available, and any data written over these bytes will be permanently lost. Time is of the importance if you have deleted everything from your hard disc by accident. If you need data from the disc, don’t touch it and contact a hard drive recovery provider right away.

When information is wiped, why isn’t it immediately and completely forgotten?

Simply put: it’s effective. Erasing data entirely takes a lot of time, but eliminating references to the bytes that make up a file can be done in a matter of seconds. To remove a file that occupies 5GB of space, for instance, may take several minutes rather than a few seconds.

If you delete a file by accident that you really need, you can get it back now.

Is it possible to retrieve files that were erased by mistake using software?

You can, technically, use data recovery software to get back lost information, but you shouldn’t.

As it is often essential to employ metadata to reconstruct erased files and return them to functioning condition, data recovery software is not intended for the general user. This is a difficult job that requires expert skill.

Is this true of all storage media?

Sorry to say that’s not the case. Data in flash-based memory, like that used in SSDs and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, must be erased before fresh data can be stored there. So, if you’ve mistakenly deleted data from one of these devices, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your data won’t be recoverable.

But, what if I need to eliminate private information forever?

To prevent your drive from being sold on, you can destroy it physically. There is no assurance that this will completely destroy the data stored on the device, but it will make data recovery so time-consuming and complicated that only the most expert of experts will even know where to begin.

There is software and hardware available that can permanently delete all data from a hard drive, in case you decide to resell it and want to be sure that no sensitive information remains on it.


If the user immediately quits using the hard disc after realising they have made a mistake, the data may be recoverable.

It is possible to permanently delete all information stored on a hard drive using a special method.

Unfortunately, if a user deletes data from a storage medium using Flash and the user doesn’t realise it, the data is gone forever.

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