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Salesforce Backup And Restore

AutoRABIT’s Salesforce DevOps platform prioritises data safety. To ensure the safety of your company’s data, we recommend using VaultTM, our cloud-based Salesforce backup tool. Vault provides backup, restore, and recovery services for Salesforce data and metadata in a secure, off-platform environment. Your Salesforce data will be safe and secure with our data backup, and you’ll meet all applicable regulations.When it comes to Salesforce DevOps, AutoRABIT is at the forefront of CI/CD. We regularly perform hundreds of restores and rollbacks, so we have a lot of experience with data backup, recovery, and restoration.

Backing Up Salesforce Records With AutoRABIT Vault

Although critical to the whole Salesforce experience, knowledge articles, chatter feeds, metadata, and file attachments are typically not backed up by standard backup solutions.

AutoRABIT’s Vault is an enterprise-level backup and recovery solution tailor-made for Salesforce and clients looking for maximum safety for their data. Vault for Salesforce supports automatic backups for two different file formats:

Accounts, opportunities, contracts, leads, and cases are just some of the types of information stored in Salesforce, and they all have backup data. Chatter, files, custom object records, and content are all backed up as well.

In the context of Salesforce, “metadata” refers to the backup of configuration settings such as dashboards, reports, page layouts, and custom fields, as well as custom code such as Apex and Visualforce.

Our customers’ sensitive information is safe in Vault because it was designed to work with the Salesforce platform. These are just some of the features included in our Salesforce backup tool:

Vault provides dependable backups, allowing you to save and restore your most important data in the event of a file compromise. The full Salesforce experience, including all of your files, streams of information, and other attachments, may be preserved with the help of Salesforce’s backup and recovery features.

Vault’s archival features cut down on storage expenses, making it a more budget-friendly option. Our enterprise cloud platform is the foundation of the archiving tool.

Metadata MasteryTM: The combination of AutoRABIT and Metadata MasteryTM provides your business with a foolproof system for backing up and restoring your Salesforce environment. By storing metadata alongside backups of Salesforce data, this technology helps ensure that no information is ever lost.

Salesforce Data Backups: Why You Need Them

Multiple events could cause Salesforce data loss for your company. If you want to recover your data and metadata sets, you’ll need a backup. Here are several scenarios in which your firm can benefit from having a Salesforce backup:

Backups provide a copy of your Salesforce data for use in analysis performed off-platform. This duplicate will allow you to conduct in-depth analysis with software that isn’t native to the Salesforce control panel.

Salesforce’s Data Loader and other bulk data import and update technologies make it possible to swiftly process thousands of records while minimising any potential damage. Performing this operation improperly can result in the loss or alteration of these records, which would be difficult to restore manually. The data in your organization’s Salesforce backup could be used to restore the system.

Employees may inadvertently make changes to Salesforce data, such as deleting records or modifying workflows and APEX script deployments, and you’ll need a way to roll back these changes. Even if your software fails to flag these mistakes right away, AutoRABIT Vault has you covered by allowing you to restore Salesforce with the correct information.

Salesforce’s Data Backup Service Has Many Advantages

Consistent and trustworthy backups are essential for the Salesforce environment due to the hundreds of daily changes made to the Salesforce database. Just a few of the many benefits of Salesforce’s backup and restoration system are:

Get back deleted files: Malicious software, human error, and bulk data modification can all lead to important files being deleted or overwritten. Save your data and metadata with Vault’s backup and restore functionality. Data can also be sent in the opposite direction, to your Salesforce orgs.

The regular off-platform preservation of data as part of the scheduled backup routine is a big plus for data security. If the original data source is ever compromised, your organisation will have access to trustworthy backup data sets.

Salesforce data backup and recovery via Vault eliminates the need for your business to manually track down and identify versions of exported files, as well as to maintain track of data version changes. The bulk of your data sets can be safeguarded by saving only the most recent edits instead of the complete file.

Detect and prevent data errors: Vault features, such as Compare, uncover flaws in the data and metadata structures, so you can verify that the most recent data is preserved and secured.

Our Salesforce data recovery manager will help your business comply with industry rules and fulfil IT governance policy requirements without compromising data restoration. Data can be backed up and recovered on a schedule that works best for you while still adhering to compliance rules.

It’s time-consuming and error-prone to manually back up your Salesforce data and metadata, so it’s best to do away with that step altogether. By handling backups automatically, Vault’s automatic backup service removes a common administrative burden.

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