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The sixth generation controller architecture of Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a global leader in mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, powers the next-generation Exos  X systems, the sophisticated storage arrays, which were just announced. Up to twice as fast as the previous generation, the new Exos X systems offer improved enterprise-class durability. Exos X systems combine Seagate’s avant-garde self-healing storage technology ADR with ADAPT (Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology) erasure coding solution to help safeguard the stored data (Autonomous Drive Regeneration).

For optimal data resilience, availability, and speed, the Exos X series of rack-mounted block storage enclosures aggregate and virtualize dozens to hundreds of hard drives and SSDs. Exos X systems are excellent for both traditional company data centres and private clouds as highly accessible enterprise storage infrastructure.

Seagate’s ADAPT erasure encoding solution, which minimises data redundancy overhead and speeds recovery time with quick system rebuilds, is built into the Exos X storage arrays. Without the need for a manual exchange, ADR can continually monitor, diagnose, and automatically rebuild the drives when used in conjunction with ADAPT. This enables data centres to minimise handling of physical drives, human interaction, and electronic trash.

Furthermore, the new VelosCTTM controller provides outstanding performance up to 725,000 IOPS (I/O per second) at 1ms latency, sequential read rates up to 12GB/s, and writes at 10GB/s. In a wide range of high workload, always-on situations, data centres can benefit from the hyperscale-class efficiency, easy frictionless deployment, and streamlined data management.

According to Ken Claffey, senior vice president of systems at Seagate, “we deliver new levels of innovation and value to the enterprise storage systems industry by using Seagate’s unique vertical integration that extends from silicon device design and production through services.” The new Exos X systems may achieve a new level of RAID array availability, durability, and performance for enhanced efficiency while noticeably lowering administrative burden thanks to the new controller designed and produced by Seagate. Our data centre customers will develop a data management plan that is future-proof with the aid of Exos X systems.

Dorin Vanderjack, Vice President and General Manager, Intel U.S. OEM & Strategic Account Sales, said, “We are pleased with the release of Seagate’s new RAID controller that enables high performance and cost-effective system solutions.” In a period of unprecedented data expansion, combining Intel® Xeon® D Processors with Seagate’s improved ASIC-based design lowers total cost of ownership for clients and increases the commercial value of both their hardware and their data.

Additionally, the Redfish and Swordfish open standard management protocols are supported by the Exos X systems.

Through authorised Seagate distributors, the new VelosCT ASIC controllers are now available in the Exos X 2U12, 2U24, and 5U84 high-density enclosures. Visit Seagate’s All Flash, Hybrid & Disk Arrays website for more information.

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Seagate Technology creates the datasphere, assisting in the maximisation of human potential by developing cutting-edge, expertly constructed mass-data storage and management solutions with an emphasis on long-term collaborations. The corporation has been a leader in technology for almost 40 years and has shipped over three billion gigabytes of data. Visit, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and subscribe to our blog to learn more about Seagate.

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