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Usb Flash Drive Recovery

Don’t know what’s wrong with your USB drive? Are you troubled by the prospect of losing important data? Do you need to retrieve data from a USB drive?

Calm Down! It’s not too much to ask for our assistance.

FlashFixers has been in the business of rescuing lost data from USB flash devices for 16 years (since 2002). Even if your USB drive is physically damaged, disconnected, corrupted, or unreadable, we have the knowledge, tools, and technological know-how to retrieve your data.Our company is the finest option for USB flash drive data recovery because of our high success rates, low prices, and consistently excellent customer support.

I was afraid I had deleted everything on my flash disc. After trying it in both a Mac and a PC, it was unreadable. After searching online, I stumbled with FlashFixers. From the initial email inquiry through the retrieval of my data, my experience with FlashFixers was nothing short of excellent. Richard inserted my flash drive and was certain he could read its contents when I brought it to him. Later that evening, he called to tell me he had successfully recovered 1,000 files. The following day, when I came to take it up, he showed me all the restored data. Just thinking about that made me happy. I’ve been telling everyone about FlashFixers, and I definitely won’t stop. —Tracey C.


It is POSSIBLE to Retrieve Data from a Dead USB Drive

If your USB flash drive is broken, damaged, corrupted, not recognised, or otherwise not working, you can use FlashFixers to get your data back. You can still salvage the information on your USB drive if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Frayed Pins
  • System File Corruption
  • Abnormally Damaged
  • Incomprehensible to a computer system
  • Misplaced or raised padding
  • Broken or insufficient solder joint

Even if your particular problem isn’t addressed here, we may still be able to assist you. If you want to know, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Is Your USB Drive Broken And In Need Of Repair?

If your USB flash drive is broken, bring it to FlashFixers. Our USB repair specialists have successfully replaced countless defective USB drives by mending the PCB, replacing damaged USB connectors, and re-soldering the connector legs to the PCB pads. including accessing the stored information on the embedded memory chips. When a USB drive fails to read in a computer or data is accidentally deleted, FlashFixers may be able to retrieve the deleted files. You can trust us with your USB drive because we have years of experience assisting users in recovering data from a wide variety of accidents and calamities.


Exactly how much does it cost to retrieve data from a USB flash drive?

To begin the data recovery process, there is an initial, non-refundable evaluation cost of $75 for any memory card media. We’ll send you a bill as soon as we receive your media. However, your contribution will be applied to the total cost of recovery. Only if you are completely cured do you pay the full fee.

USB flash drive data recovery begins at $95 for up to 3GB of data. This is for when your file system becomes corrupted or you remove something by accident.

Price for data recovery begins at $200 if the USB flash drive needs to be repaired due to physical damage (e.g. reattach broken pads from a broken connector).

The memory chip is removed from the motherboard or read directly through test points on the chips in “chip-off” or “NAND” recovery, which costs an additional $375-$800+.

The cost of our analysis and recovery attempts for your USB drive is nothing.

The relevant pricing data is listed on our pricing page.


Just how does data retrieval from a USB flash drive work with FlashFixers?

The examination and recovery process will start as soon as your USB flash drive arrives at the FlashFixers Recovery Lab.

Before the USB connector can be re-soldered to the PCB, the PCB and any damaged connector pads must be fixed. It should start functioning normally again after a solid electrical connection is made between the PCB and the four USB connector pads.

It may be necessary to remove the NAND memory component or gain access to test locations on the chip if the PCB is severely damaged and cannot be repaired. By analysing and converting the raw image of the memory chip back to a regular file system, all of the lost information can be retrieved.

Is It Time To Get Your Data Back?

Send your USB flash drive and a completed service request form to FlashFixers by mail or courier to get the data recovery procedure started. When we get your USB disc, we’ll let you know. We’ll examine your gadget and do our best to get all of the info we can. Your device and any recovered data will be returned to you by USPS first class mail. The data will be stored to a USB flash drive.


Why Go with FlashFixers When You Need It Fixed?

We prioritise protecting both our clients’ data and their mental health. That’s why we offer low-cost, high-quality file recovery services that minimise the hassle you’ll have during the procedure. We also think that pricing and communication should be open and honest. And our customers know they come first. Over the course of our 16 years in business, we are pleased to have assisted thousands of clients with data recovery. Give us a ring right away if you need clarification on whether or not your data is retrievable. As always, we’re here to lend a hand.

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